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About FJR

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What We do for You

At Foumberg, Juneja, Rocher & Co. (FJR), our goal is to provide you with those services you need to best manage your business, your finances, and your future. FJR has the resources and profession a expertise to accommodate your needs. Our services range from basic bookkeeping, and tax preparation to more sophisticated services including tax representation, tax and retirement planning, compilations, reviews and audits. We are a full service CPA firm. 

We understand the complexities of managing a business. We can keep you up to date on your financial condition, so you can save time, money and those sleepless nights. FJR’s staff includes nine CPAs and a number of other professionals with advanced degrees and experience in accounting and related disciplines. Our team is always available to evaluate and discuss your tax, business management and financial planning concerns. We are dedicated to providing you with premium services in a timely, responsive, useful and dependable manner.

Why FJR?

Many accounting and tax professionals have the resources to address the needs of their biggest clients. Isn’t it time that small business owners have access to those same services at that same high level? At FJR, we work as team, sharing our collective knowledge and experience to ensure we bring those same resources to each of our clients.

Much of our senior staff has run their own successful businesses. They have learned what works and what doesn’t, how to fix mistakes large and small, how to approach new situations, and how to solve problems. They have seen the chess match play out and can therefore help you make the right moves.

Who We Are

FJR is a Certified Public Accounting Firm, licensed by the California State Board of Accountancy. Our team includes such distinguished CPAs as Eric L. Foumberg, the founder and namesake of the firm. Tarun "TJ" Juneja, the firm’s principal, is the embodiment of an entrepreneur, and is committed to upgrading his skills to provide the most up to date advice to all clients. Ho Yang, the firm’s Director of Tax Services; and Mark A. Lucht, our Senior Manager, bring the added dimensions of their many years of service in accounting and business. All CPAs on staff are members of the AICPA, as well as the state societies in California. All members of the professional staff hold undergraduate degrees or higher in accountancy and/or tax and several are in the process of pursuing their CPA certifications.

Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality.